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Amara the Siren Mystical AssaultBrawlFist of the Elements Mystical Assault Tier 1 Skills Do HarmKilling an enemy gives Amara a…

Borderlands 3 Skills and Skill Trees

Amara the Siren

  • Mystical Assault
  • Brawl
  • Fist of the Elements

Mystical Assault

Tier 1 Skills

Do HarmKilling an enemy gives Amara a stack of rush, if the action skill is activated it consumes all rush stacks, this helps increase Amara’s skill damage.

Fast HandAmara’s reloading and weapon switch speed increases.

Violent TapestryThis elemental effect provides Amara with a stack of rush, thus activating her action skill consumes all these rush stacks. Every stack of rush helps increase Amara’s Elemental Effect.

Tier 2 Skills

TranscendAccuracy and critical hit Bonus of Amara increase for some time as the activating her action skill.

RestlessThe action skill cooldown rate of Amara increases.

Soul SapAmara damage is recovered, it can also heal a nearby ally instead.

Tier 3 Skills

ReverberationAmara summons a projection of herself to destroy any nearby target.

AscendantThe action skill augment receives a boost

Stillness of MindEvery enemy that received damage by the action skill is now phase-locked, they remain phase-locked until its duration ends, however this increase the action skill cooldown time.

Tier 4 Skills

DeliveranceAmara once again releases a projection of herself, which inflicts heavy damage to all nearby enemies, once hitting an enemy this projection releases elemental projectiles.

From RestCharge time as well as the fire rate of Amara increases.

Laid BareAfter being damaged by Amara’s action skill, damage inflicting capability of Amara increases.

WrathWeapon damage of Amara increases, this happens once Amara activates her action skill for a few moments.

Tier 5 Skills

RemnantAmara’s kill with a gun or skill action creates a homing projectile, inflicting Action Skill Elemental Damage along with Overkill Damage.

AwakeningEffectiveness of Amara’s rush stack increases

TandavaAmara releases a projectile of herself, which after impacting the target, explodes, damaging enemies around.

Tier 6 Skills

AvatarIncreases Amara’s max rush stacks, as well as action skill, can be activated during cooldown.

Brawl Skill Tree

Tier 1 Skills

One with NatureMax health, as well as Elemental damage resistance of Amaras Action skill Element, increases to the max.

Personal SpaceAmara receives a bonus on engaging targets at close range.

ClarityAmara health regenerates, the lower the health gets, the faster the regeneration takes place.

Tier 2 Skills

Arms DealAmara inflicts greater splash damages. However, she receives less splash damage.

Root to RiseHealth of Amara maximizes

Helping HandsAfter using action skill, Amaras hand become active, which helps Amara take less damage

Blight TigerAfter Amara uses her action skill, this help Amara inflict corrosive damage.

Tier 3 Skills

FractureAmara summons hands, which attack from underneath, inflicting heavy damage to the enemy

MindfulnessAmara receive mindfulness whenever she takes damage

Find Your CenterMelee damage of Amara increases drastically. However, this only happens after using an Action Skill.

VigorKilling an enemy with Action skill will result in fast movement of allies for few moments.

Tier 4 Skills

RevelationA Nova is created which damages nearby enemies, his occurs when Amara uses Action skill.

DownfallAmara launches into the air and fires a beam towards the enemy her.

SamsaraAmara receives stack of Samsara, whenever she inflicts damage to her enemies using her Action skill. Moreover, these stacks increase her health regeneration.

Tier 5 Skills

Do Unto OthersAmara strikes enemies with an energy orb, which inflicts Action Skill Elemental Damage.

Jab CrossAction skill damage as well as weapon damage increases whenever Amara inflicts damage wth melee attacks.

Guardian AngelAs Amara begins a fight “For Your Life”, she receives second wind, which helps in health regeneration.

GlamourEnemies start committing friendly fire, this increases the cooldown time on Action skill, however. This attack confuses the enemies a lot and they start killing their allies.

Tier 6 Skills

BlitzAmara performs a special Melee attack, inflicting Elemental Melee damage onto the enemy. Blitz cooldown finishes as you kill an enemy with this attack.

Fist of the Elements Skill Tree

Tier 1 Skills

AnimaAmaras Elemental effects as well as Action skill Elemental effect inflicts more damage onto the enemy.

Steady HandsAmaras Weapon accuracy as well as handling get better.

InfusionDamage dealt by enemy strikes become Action Skill Element.

Tier 2 Skills

TempestDamage inflicted by shocks increase further, Elemental Damage also increase.

Illuminated FistAmara inflicts greater melee damage and her this damage converts into her Action Skill Element.

WildfireAs Amara applies Elemental effect to an adversary, chances are that the effect could also neutralize nearby targets.

SoulfireAmaras Action skills become fire damage.

Tier 3 Skills

The Eternal FistAmara calls an enormous fist that emerges from underneath, targeting nearby enemies. The fist can engage three enemies at once.

DreadAfter an enemy is grasped, Amara’s gun damage increases for few seconds.

AllureAmara uses Action skills to create a multiple hole that suck in enemies.

Tier 4 Skills

IndiscriminateBullets fired by Amara hit the target and rebound to hit other enemies as well inflicting low damage.

Deep WellAs Amara equips elemental weapons her magazine capacity increases.

CatharsisIf Amara inflicts an Elemental effect on an enemy, the enemy dies and later explodes inflicting damage to other nearby allies.

Ties That BindAmara make a fist emerge from the ground, which destroys enemies on ground. Any damage felt by an enemy is also felt by its allies nearby.

Tier 5 Skills

Fist Over MatterMultiple Fists emerge from the ground, start pounding the enemies around, inflicting heavy damage to all enemies around.

SustainmentAmara receive Life steal, as she inflicts the damage with her elemental weapons

ConfluxAs Amara inflicts damage with her elemental effects, she gets an opportunity to burn the enemy.

Tier 6 Skills

Forceful ExpressionAmara’s weapons now inflict more damage, due to her Action skill element.

Zane the Operative

Hitman Skill Tree

Tier 1 Skills

Violent Speed

Zane’s movement speed increases as he eliminates an enemy.

Cold BoreZane’s weapons swap speed increases and as he swaps and fires, he gets more bonus if he inflicts damage.

Violent MomentumZane inflicts more damage while firing moving shots, quicker he moves the more damage he inflicts.

Tier 2 Skills

Winter’s DroneTransforms SNTNL’s initial or primary arms to Cryo Damage

Cool HandAs Zane eliminates an enemy his reload speed increases for few moments.

Drone DeliverySNTRY will drop grenades after every few moments, thus inflicting damage on nearby enemies.

SalvationAs Zane eliminates an enemy, his weapons receive life steal for few moments.

Tier 3 Skills

Bad DoseSNTNL releases a beam which damages enemies along with buffing Zane.

Seein’ RedZane’s kills get activated as his action skills get activated.

Static FieldA static field is released by the SNTNL which damages all the nearby enemies.

Tier 4 Skills

BoomsdaySNTNL is equipped with rocked pods which, fire multiple rockets in enemy direction, inflicting damage on enemy side.

Violent ViolenceZane’s weapon fire rate increases after he eliminates an enemy.

Playing DirtyZane weapons fire additional projectiles, after killing an enemy.

Almighty OrdnanceFire guided rockets onto the enemy by pressing L1/R1, this fires a barrage of rockets in enemy direction inflicting heavy damage.

Tier 5 Skills

Good MisfortuneZane’s Action skill duration increases as he scores a kill

Tier 6 Skills

Death Follows CloseZane’s kill skills witness an increase during this period.

Doubled Agent Skill Tree

Tier 1 Skills

SynchronicityZane’s gun damage inflicting capabilities increases as he activates more than one action skill.

PraemunitusZane as well as his Dig-Clone now has increased magazine capacity

Borrowed TimeAction skill duration now increases for every action skill of Zane.

Tier 2 Skills

Binary SystemA Cryo Nova occurs between Zane and his clown, whenever he switches between him and his clone.

DonnybrookZane and his clone receive extra gun damage as well as health regeneration capabilities once Zane kills his enemy.

Fractal FragsAs the Digi-clone dies, it releases a grenade, which eliminates the enemy which killed the clone.

Duct Tape ModWhenever Zane fires a bullet a simultaneously a grenade is also fired

Tier 3 Skills

SchadenfreudeWhenever Zane’s clone gets hit by enemies, Zane starts health regeneration.

Quick BreatherAs Zane swaps places with his drone, his shields health maximizes

Which One’s Real?Enemies will only target the clone for a few moments. Thus, it can act as a distraction.

Tier 4 Skills

DoppelbangerYou can end the Zanes Action skill early, which will result in the clone exploding and inflicting damage to the enemy

Pocket Full of GrenadesGrenade regeneration starts as Zane eliminates an enemy

Old-UPress LB/Rb while in Fight for your life, this will destroy the clone and your health will start regenerating.

Supersonic ManZanes movement speed increase dramatically after two of his action skills are active.

Digital DistributionZane as well as his clone are active, if Zane takes damage, health of the clone will start regenerating.

Tier 5 Skills

Like a GhostAfter activating an action skill, Zane and his clone become invincible and can dodge enemy bullets for a few moments.

Boom. Enhance.After Zane calls his clone for help, the clone eats up multiple grenades, this increases the fire rate, max health and damage inflicting capability

Trick of the LightZane can now inflict more shock damage to enemies that are not engaging him.

Tier 6 Skills

Double BarrelAfter activating the clone, clone arrives with the current weapon equipped by Zane, swapping places at this moment would increase the damage inflicting capability of Zane as well as his clone.

Under Cover Skill Tree

Tier 1 Skills

AdrenalineThe more the shield Zane has the more Action skill cooldown rate he receives.

Hearty StockZane’s maximum shield capacity increases drastically

Ready for ActionZane’s shield recharge rate increases drastically

Tier 2 Skills

Charged RelayAs Zane or friendlies touch the barrier, they gain increase speed movement and mobility

BrainfreezeEnemies slow down as Zane targets them with critical hits.

Stiff Upper LipZane obtains damage resistance whenever he is targeted by a certain type of enemy

Rise to the OccasionZain receives health generation, the lesser the health left the more portion he will receive.

Tier 3 Skills

Nanites or Some ShiteZain, as well as his partners, receive health regeneration, fast mobility, fast shield regeneration when near the barrier.

Confident CompetenceZane receives extra gun damage when his shields are active, the lesser the health, the more health regneration.

All-rounderZane’s barrier covers him from all side, creating a 360-dome protection.

Tier 4 Skills

Really Expensive JacketElemental damage which used to effect Zane is now reduced

Best Served ColdA Cryo Nova is formed when Zane kill an enemy, inflicting damage to all nearby enemies.

Futility Belt


Deterrence FieldEnemies that are close to the barrier get damaged due to shock waves.

Tier 5 Skills

RefreshmentZane recovers health whenever; he targets frozen enemies.

Calm, Cool, CollectedZane’s shield starts regenerating as soon as he freezes an enemy.

Nerves of SteelIf Zane’s shield’s health is full, his accuracy and handling increase.

Tier 6 Skills

Distributed DenialZane’s shield mode now influences the barrier, all the friendlies near the barriers also stay protected from enemy attacks.

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