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Borderlands 3 Wiki and Strategy Guide detailing all the characters, best character builds, skills, weapons, and 100% walkthrough.

Borderlands 3

We finally have some concrete information on the latest installment in the popular sandbox shooter series from Gearbox Software.

Borderlands 3 has been in development since 2015, as far as the company hinted back in its PAX South 2015 conference. Fans were treated to a look behind-the-scenes at the tech of Unreal Engine 4 that would potentially power Borderlands 3.

This was at GDC 2017, where features like detailed lighting, real-time shadows and improve geometry and outlines on character models. No in-game footage was shown.

Later at PAX East 2019, a cool concept teaser for Borderlands 3 was revealed with Psycho’s Mask being highlighted along with the words “Mayhem is coming” to tease imminent announcement.

Fans only had to wait another day (well 7 years since Borderlands 2) as Gearbox Software held its own conference at the PAX East convention to unveil the first full announcement trailer for the game.

It has all your favorite iconic characters (including Claptrap), new faces (formidable ones too), a billion guns (we’re not lying), a sax solo from Brick, new exotic environments and a tonne of other crazy stuff that you should only see for yourself in the trailer below:

Borderlands 3 Announcement Trailer

No later than a week ahead, the release date for the respective platforms was confirmed on April 3rd along with the official box art.

This came in the form of an announce trailer, this one shorter than the reveal trailer, which stated the launch date to be September 13th 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.

For PC users, the game will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for 6 months from April 2020, until it launches later on Steam as well.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal

Boy, we can’t wait to delve back into the bonkers and crazy fun cooperative shooter that we just can’t get enough of. September can’t come soon enough!

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