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Amara the Siren

One of the newest characters to be introduced for the Sirens group who can utilize magic, Amara comes from the…

Zane the Operative

This is a badass character who seems to have worked with different corporations and factions as an experienced mercenary and…

Moze the Gunner

Can be classified as the gunner or soldier class of the game, Moze is an ex Vladof Ursa Corps Soldier….

FL4K the Beastmaster

A genderless, hunter class sentient robot that can tame and utilize beasts for his purposes. To accompany him on his…

Sanctuary III

Sanctuary III is a fast-travel option that is new to the Borderlands series with Borderlands 3. Unlike previous games where…

SHiFT Codes and Special Golden Keys

With SHiFT Codes, you can unlock rewards such as skins in Borderlands 3. Moreover, Special Golden Keys unlock Loot Chests….

Skill Tree / Skills

Amara the Siren Mystical AssaultBrawlFist of the Elements Mystical Assault Tier 1 Skills Do HarmKilling an enemy gives Amara a…

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Wiki and Strategy Guide detailing all the characters, best character builds, skills, weapons, and 100% walkthrough.